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Terms and Conditions

Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club Inc., herein known as "Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club"

Terms and Conditions

I hereby give permission for said applicant(s) to be a member of the Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club and/or as a guest skater who is a member of a Skate Canada Club, I hereby release the Club of responsibility in the event of an accident, damage incurred or articles lost or stolen. 

It is understood that the Registered Professional Coaches in Good Standing with Skate Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada (herein known as Professional Coaches) provided by SPSC for our programs are certified in Basic First Aid. I give permission for said applicant(s) to participant and agree that they are partaking in said programs at their own risk. I agree to provide an Emergency Action Plan if required including any limitations or restrictions for my said applicant(s) to the club with my application to aid our coaches in providing a safe environment and experience for our participants.

Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their well being and will inform Coaches of any problems, accidents or injuries. The club agrees to take responsibility to follow up on any reported incidents.

Code of Conduct

The Sherwood-Parkdale Skating Club (SPSC) Executive and its professional coaches are committed to creating a caring, supportive, fun, and safe sporting environment. To achieve this, we ask that all skaters and their parents/guardians, as well as the Executive, Board of Directors and Coaches, review and respect these guidelines:

All skaters, parents/guardians of skaters and coaches will treat each other with respect, as well as the SPSC Board of Directors, SPSC Volunteers, Facility and its staff. There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying or abuse from parent/guardian(s) or skaters which includes verbal, physical or cyber bullying. Bullying can take many forms: pushing or racing on the ice, demeaning remarks about a skater or their abilities, “reserving” bench space in the dressing room, or interfering with a skater’s belongings. All concerns must be directed to the SPSC Board of Directors in a calm and appropriate manner.

As a Starskater I agree to the STARskate Code of Conduct.pdf

As a Parent I agree to the Skate Canada Code of Ethics

As a Parent I agree to the Safe Sport Trans Inclusion Policy

As a Parent I agree to the SPSC Constitution & ByLaws Update April 2022.pdf

As a Parent I agree and understand the process in the Reporting and Resolution for Inappropriate Conduct Policy.pdf

 ** By agreeing to these terms and conditions and choosing the accept button upon registering in programs, the parent/guardian agrees they have reviewed the code of conducts with their skaters.

Delivery of Goods & Services

Intent is that all programs will take place at the location indicated at the time of registration. The club has the right to change locations and or times of said programs. Notice will be provided via e-mail and posted on the club website.

We only offer products in the context of club events and services associated with Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club. We do not export any goods or services.  Any advertised products for private sale will be at the discretion of the seller and not affiliated with the Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club

Payments may be made by credit card on-line or e-transfer. All e-transfer payments must be made in full. Credit cards may be paid as installments.   All transactions will be completed in Canadian dollars.

Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club reserves the right to modify programming and program level requirements based on best practice and utilization of the ice.


Nationally Certified Professional Coaches will be teaching the instructional portion of the CanSkate lesson.

Assisting our Professional Coaches will be Program Assistants (PA's). PA's are skaters from our STARskate program who volunteer their time each week to help our coaches with the CanSkate sessions. PA duties include setting up equipment, demonstrating skills and  providing supervision for practice times and games. Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club members in the STARSkate program, who are part of the PA Incentive Option, will provide a minimum number of required hours (as set by the Board and Coaching Staff at the start of the season) to be completed per season/program requirement which will be indicated to the PA participant by correspondence, as part of their membership. PAs who pick up extra approved shifts, may gain credits towards future registration via their account.

Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club is run by parent volunteers. During the season, parents/guardians may be approached to help out in some way – ie. assist during programming or special events, or on a more regular basis as a board member at large.  Your support and assistance is critical to the success of the Club and your help is always appreciated.  Our volunteer Board of Directors are subject to following the SPSC Club Constitution and By-Laws.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations due to inclement weather will be advertised on our website and the local radio stations as well as by e-mail. Skating is rarely cancelled (usually only when the arena location closes). However, as a parent, it is your decision whether to take your child to the rink if the roads are in poor condition.

Cancellations due to holidays or other commitments booked by the facility not already noted on your registration calendar, will be provided by e-mail and on our club website.

Withdrawal Policy

Full refund for program cost of registration will be granted if applicant withdraws prior to the withdrawal date listed on the program registration for that program.

Privacy Policy

Contact information and payment information is provided to only those executive board members necessary in the running of program (i.e. program representatives, coaches, administrator, and treasurer) and member services of Skate Canada.

As a merchant of Bambora Inc, a Worldline Brand, we DO NOT have access to credit card information, nor do we store any same information.

Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club, at no time, will sell, lend or give your personal information to any group or person.

Personal skating records are only shared and accessible by the President, Test Chair, and Administrator for purposes of registration and programming.  Any requirements for proof of test level for program or competition entries shall be accessed by the applicant and/or Test Chair or President only.

Refund Policy

Partial Participant refunds/credits may be provided with a request in writing and a medical certificate for injuries or illness that prevents continuation of skating for the remainder of the season

All refund requests are presented to the Board of Directors for confirmation and approval.

Non refundable portions of a refund include a base amount of $25 for half season programs and Fall Programming, $50 for full season programs, 1% of program cost and Skate Canada Membership Registration Fee.

No refunds/credits will be provided if a skater leaves the program by their own accord or is expelled by the Club.

No refunds/credits or make-up sessions missed due to and not limited to: personal commitments, illness (without a medical certificate AND does not prevents continuation of skating for the remainder of the season per above partial refund policy), holidays, competitions, test days, weather, closure of the facility, family vacations or cancellations by the facility.

Approved refunds after the withdrawal date but prior to the start of the program date will have a non-refundable Skate Canada Membership Fee, 1% of program cost plus a $10 administrative fee.

Any change in programming will be prorated, whereas payment will be due or refund provided based on change of programming.

Any refunds in the amount of $10.00 or less will be applied as a credit on the member account.

No refunds/credits for Events or Competitions after the withdrawal date for any reason. 

Concussion Policy - Safe Sport & Injury Prevention

It is important that ALL athletes with a suspected concussion undergo medical assessment by a
medical doctor or nurse practitioner, as soon as possible. It is also important that ALL athletes with a suspected concussion receive written medical clearance from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner before
returning to sport activities.

Concussion information provided by Parachute Canada for Injury Prevention and Concussion Care

Concussion Information and Policy.pdf

Photo & Video Waiver

Occasionally, representatives from the Club may take photograph or videos of activities and of the skaters to publish on the Club's website, newsletters, newspapers, social media or for Coaching Education. No participant names will be published without written parent consent. By ACCEPTING these terms and conditions in its entirety you agree that you have read and understand the Photo and Video Waiver.

In addition to the general terms and conditions, you will be required to sign off on policies as required by each particular program during your registration process.


*All refunds will be paid out within 15-30 days. Credit card refunds may take up to 5 business days to show on your statement once applied.

 Any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us by e-mail at

*Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club has the right to update terms and conditions as deemed necessary.

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