2018 SPSC Fall Skating

Sherwood Parkdale Skating Club offers group coaching for all level of programs. As well as our club coaches, we invite coaches from across the island as guests to coach private lessons.  The list below are coaches who have indicated interest in participating in the SPSC Fall Skating Session.
Guest Skaters are welcome to bring their personal coaches to drop in sessions.

Fall Group Coaching Contact List

CoachGroupContact Information
Sabrina Hinson Senior sabrinahinson@hotmail.com
Jessica Godfrey Junior & Canskate Co-ordinator jdsgodfrey@hotmail.com
Keesha Ryan Jumpstart (Fri/Sat) ryankm04@gmail.com
Hannah Hardy Jumpstart (Mon/Wed) h5hardy@yahoo.ca

Freelance and Private Lesson Coaches

 National Coaches

Michelle Coyle           michelle.coyle@hotmail.ca
Kim Duffy duffstuff3@hotmail.ca
JD Gilmour   jd.gilmour@hotmail.com
Sabrina Hinson sabrinahinson@hotmail.com

 Provincial Coaches

Martha Murnaghan billandmartha@eastlink.ca

 Regional Coaches

Jessica Godfrey     jdsgodfrey@hotmail.ca
Hannah Hardy h5hardy@yahoo.ca
Keesha Ryan ryankm04@gmail.com